Free Sample Update

Live Yummy!™

Dear Yumminess Seekers,

Our Story - ABA Paleo BarsWe have temporarily suspended our free sample program due to the overwhelming number of unanticipated requests we have been receiving from unauthorized promotions by websites and Facebook pages promoting every free sample offer they can find by scouring the internet.

We originally implemented our free sample offer with the intention of personally controlling the timing of the offer and the audiences receiving the offer. As a small, family-owned company, we are neither physically, nor financially, equipped to process thousands of unanticipated and unauthorized free sample promotions.

We do not solicit the attention or the free advertising from these websites. And, they do not notify us in advance when they are going to showcase ABBA Paleo™ Bars. Although we appreciate the publicity we receive from these sites, we are simply not prepared to fulfill free sample offers that we have not personally planned for nor authorized.

For example, in December 2014, advertised our free samples without our advance knowledge. We received more than 2,500 requests for free samples in a 12-hour period from that promotion alone. We did our best to fulfill those free sample requests. But, multiply that demand by free sample requests arriving from dozens of similar websites to see how it can quickly overwhelm a small family-owned business.

We can only do our best and promise free ABBA Paleo™ Bar samples ‘while supplies last.’  Thanks to the free product bloggers, our stock of free samples has been depleted. Therefore, while we hate to disappoint anyone, we can not honor any further requests for free samples at this time.

What we can do is offer a 35% one-time coupon for your first purchase of ABBA Paleo™ bars. That discount gives you our product at our cost.  It’s the best we can do right now. If you would like to take advantage of our 35% one-time discount, please complete the form below to receive your 35% discount code.

Drs. Dave and Anne Stewart

Dr. Dave and Dr. Anne

We truly are grateful for your interest in ABBA Paleo™ bars and we are sorry that we cannot fulfill your free sample request at this time.

Live Yummy!™,

David Stewart, MD                  

Anne Stewart, MD