The Problem

Finding the perfect snack to satisfy your kids, athletes in the family, or active adults is a real challenge. Crackers, bars, cookies, and other snacks are loaded with sugar, sugar substitutes, fruit juice concentrates, soy protein, preservatives, and more yucky stuff.

While fruits and veggies might already be a major player, we all find the occasional need for something more exciting – more invigorating to the taste buds, and filling as well. However, we want to make sure it’s a low sugar, high protein snack that will actually benefit our bodies.

The Solution

ABBA Paleo™ Bars are born! Made with organic ingredients, these amazing bars are TOTALLY gluten-free, GMO-free, come in four YUMMY flavors and are the PERFECT snack!

ABBA Paleo™ Bars were created by two holistic doctors for their very own children, and are COMPLETELY free of any syrups, sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols.

They’re a GREAT option for athletes or busy people on the go. We ALL love snacks, AND NOW, you can enjoy them without all the preservatives and harmful ingredients, with the AWESOMENESS of ABBA Paleo™ Bars.

Four Amazingly Delicious Flavors!!

Whey Too Yummy ABBA Paleo Bar
Peanut Butter & Yummy! ABBA Paleo Bar
Coconut ABBA Paleo Bar

ABBA Paleo Bars:

The Story

Once up a time two Holistic Doctors and their three kids yearned for a better snack.

So, Mom and Dad worked on creating something exciting, invigorating to the taste buds, and filling as well.

Here’s the story of how ABBA Paleo™ Bars were born.

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Available in Whey Too Yummy!™, Pea Is For Paleo™, Cuckoo for Coconut?™, and MaxPro™

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